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8,000 BTU Window AC - Heater
Price: $329.45
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ARC-12SD Dual Hose 12000 BTU Portable AC
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Cooling Capacity:
Electric Heat Capacity:
Max Room Size:
Dimensions (HxWxD):
8,000 BTU's
3,500 BTU's
350 square feet
16.1 " x 22.6" x 23"
70.6 lbs.
    • Window Air Conditioner
    • AAA Batteries (2)
    • Top Mounting Rail
    • Foam Top Mounting Rail Seal Strip
    • Accordion Panels (2)
    • Side Retrainer (2)
    • Window Sash Seal
    • Foam Seal for Bottom Rail
    • Owner’s Manual

The Thermocore T1-WAC-08HCE 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner and Heater w/ Remote offers an easier window installation option for indoor cooling and heating. First, install the outer cabinet of the AC in the window and then slide the interior of the air conditioner into place. This unit can also be used for wall installation by cutting a whole and fitting the unit. With 8000 BTU of power, this unit is designed for a room up to 350 square feet, in addition this unit also gives you both heating and cooling solutions for year round comfort. Runs on a standard 115V.
  • Brand New w/ 1 Year Factory Backed Warranty.
  • Targeted Cooling-Heating: 4-Way Louvers Direct Air Where Needed.
  • Electric Heat: 3,500 BTU electric element for Winter Heating.
  • Three (3) Fan Speeds: Multiple Fan Settings Deliver Air at Desired Speed.
  • Multi-Function Remote Control: For Convenient Operation.
  • Follow me Technology: Detects temperature from Remote Location.
  • Digital Thermostat: Electronic Temperature Control w/ LCD Display.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses Industry Standard ECO-Friendly R-410A.
  • Cleaner Air: Washable Filter Collects Dust Particles & Prevents Bacteria.
  • Dehumidifier Capabilities: Removing Up to 48 Pints Of Moisture / Day!
  • Additional Features: Slide-Out Chassis, Auto Restart, ECO-Mode.
    Model: Thermocore T1-WAC-18HCP
    Cooling Capacity: 17,700 BTU
    Electric Heat Capacity: 3,500 BTU
    Approvals: UL Listed
    Coverage Area: Up To 350 Square Feet
    Efficiency: 10.9 EER
    Dehumidification: 1.9 Pints Per Hour
    Auto Timer: Settings From 1 ~ 24 Hours
    Air Flow (ft3 / min): 219/252/277 (low/med/high)
    Noise Level: < 58 dbA
    Refrigerant (charge): R-410A (13.4 oz)
    Dimensions: 16.1"H x 22.6"W x 23"D
    Weight: (Net/Gross) 70.6 / 82 lbs.

    Window Kit Specs for ARC-12H 12000 BTU Portable AC - Heater
    Power Supply: 115/120V ~ 60Hz
    Plug Type: NEMA 5-15PP
    Cooling Power Output: 734 Watts
    Electric Heat Power Output: 1220/1320 Watts
    Cooling Power Current: 6.3 Amps
    Electric Heat Power Current: 11.6 Amps
    Window Kit Specs for ARC-12H 12000 BTU Portable AC - Heater
    Window Kit Type: Panel
    Min Window Width: 27 in.
    Max Window Width: 36 in.
    Min Window Height: 16.5 in.
    Remote Control
    Power Requirements
    Click ZOOM to Enlarge: Portable Air Conditioner
    Type: NEMA 6-15P
    Voltage: 120VAC
    Current: 6.3 > 11.6A
    System Dimension
    Click ZOOM to Enlarge: Portable Air Conditioner
    Height: 16.1 in.
    Width: 22.6 in.
    Depth: 23 in.
    Window Requirements
    Click ZOOM to Enlarge: Portable Air Conditioner
    Min. Height: 16.5 in.
    Min. Width: 27 in.
    Max Width: 36 in.

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